Belly DancingThanks so much for inquiring about Dansoleil Belly Dance. We are located at Red Door Dance Studio in downtown Brentwood and offer a variety of belly dance classes for beginners to advanced. We also offer Sassy Pants Belly Dance Workout! for women who want to learn some belly dance movements with quite a bit of fun thrown in. 

Belly dancing is the most interesting dance style I've ever been involved with, but what makes it so wonderful is that it is a style that invites all types of women to join in. I've seen women in their 60's WOW the crowds at festivals, and big, beautiful women win competitions. I've seen thin, tall, short, novice, advanced, young, elderly, whatever....I've seen it all. And each and every woman is applauded and supported in this style. It is truly wonderful.

red-door-logoThis style also works many areas of the body besides the 'belly'. We are constantly using our buttocks to create isolations. We rely on the strength of our thighs to support us, are forever using our abs, arms, calves, and back muscles. We teach you to isolate the muscle groups to create the evocative movements so integral to this ancient dance. We sweat, we dance with grace...and sometimes without, and laugh a lot

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817 First Street, Brentwood, CA 94513
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